“I’d never given much thought to how I would die-though Id had reason enough in the last few months-but even if I had, I would not have imagined it like this,”

Oh? You recognize this line? Does it take you back to those angsty teenage years? Well, it did for me.

What is that line from? You probably guessed it.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.


Here’s the deal. I’ve actually never read the books. I attempted to read them in my early teens, but I opted for the movie route instead and along the years made some amazing yet cringy memories around the vampire v.s werewolf angst but, I never truly experienced the series as I wanted, which was to read the books.

What prompted this read? None other than the upcoming release of Midnight Sun.


Midnight Sun is a retelling of the events in the Twilight series but from the perspective of Edward Cullen. It’s set to come out August 14th and here I am on July 2nd starting this challenge, determined to read all 4 books until this one is released. Am I mentally prepared for this journey? Absolutely not, but I think this will be fun regardless.

Now let’s talk about Twilight because I have some thoughts (LOL). Yes, this review will be filled with all the spoilers.

First, off the bat, I like Bella a little more. I didn’t really understand where Kristin Stewart was coming from with the way Bella was… well awkward as hell, but the book invites us into her head and I have a better understanding of her.

Once Edward is introduced, it’s almost a little bit painful to read as we can slowly start to see her lose a sense of self and her obsession starts to become a bit obvious. BUT I am not going to lie, Meyer had me in the first half of this book, I felt that it was really getting somewhere until… it didn’t 0_o

At the scene where Edward saves her from the van, she is SO OFFENDED that he won’t tell her the truth. To me, I don’t really understand this. The man saved your life and you are so upset he won’t tell you how? Maybe… JUST maybe my teenage self would have felt the same way but me now, as an adult (barely just a ripe age of 23) I can’t empathize. She’s holding onto him saying he promised, but people can take back promises

Something that rubbed me the wrong way with this book was how casual it was with the tone. “Hey I’m a vampire” cool story bro, “I come to your house every day and watch you sleep” aww how sweet!

All the build-up for Edward and Bella she set up went to shit as soon as he was revealed he was a vampire. Bella was like I love him so no matter what he does, he can do no wrong. You can literally see growing Stockholm syndrome and it’s just… gross.

One of the things I never understood about the movies was the dramatics that was put in, why would they do this? The movie is bad, we all know this lol.
The scene with James was so much more dramatic in the movie and the scene with her confronting Edward about being a vampire? Now I understand. The directors really didn’t have much to work with. In the book, in the moment of suspense, or her trying to build up the conflict, Bella LITERALLY RUINS IT lol every time with her personality. Alice will go “Bella he is hunting you!” “Is Edward okay?” Like, COME ON SIS LOL. What about him being immortal are you worrying about? But Meyer is like oh they’re so in loved shes just worried about her man. Just rough

That pretty much wraps up my long twilight rant. Whew. What a journey.

This book was a stooping 2.5 out of 5 stars with a surprisingly strong start. Remember when I said I am not sure if I am ready to take this series on? I am not sure I have it in me. LOL, but I will persevere.

Next week I will be covering New Moon so look out for that post next Wednesday!

Until next time,

Allyah 🧛

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