🌷May TBR~

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you what books and manga I plan to read this month!

Book #1

Thunderhead by Neil Shusterman


Following the first book in the trilogy Scythe, this book follows the journey of Citra and Rowan after the events of the first book.

I have tried reading this a few times after following the “high” that Scythe gave me and I wasn’t pulled in, but I am determined to finish it this month!


The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 20.51.34

This 800+ page book I have had my eye on for months. I have heard such good things about it, though I still do not know what it’s really about. I can’t wait to dive into this book completely blind! I really have been wanting to get into fantasy, and I think this will be a good one to pick up. 

Book #3

The Assassins Apprentice by Robin Hobb

Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 21.20.24

I picked up this book in the last week of April and started it (as in I am 6 pages in LOL) and I really want to finish it this month. The summary from Goodreads states “Fitz is a royal bastard, cast out into the world with only his magical link with animals for solace and companionship.

But when Fitz is adopted into the royal household, he must give up his old ways and learn a new life: weaponry, scribing, courtly manners; and how to kill a man secretly”  Another Adult fantasy I am very excited to get into! I feel like I haven’t read too much Adult fantasy at all. This book and The Priority of the Orange Tree hopefully will be a good start into the genre! 


I Think I Might Need You by Christina C. Jones

ithinkimightneed u

This is book two in her Love sisters novella series. This book follows the sister Joia Love who is a very creative social media influencer potentially rekindling her love with her ex-boyfriend Theodore Graham. I read the first book in this series and it completely made my day. It was SO funny and the character’s chemistry was perfect. I cant wait to see the story of Joia Love! 


Potential number #5

The Rose of Versailles – Omnibus, #1 by Riyoko Ikeda 

Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 21.04.12

This absolutely GORGEOUS manga was recommended by one of my favorite Manga reviews on youtube because of this story and gorgeous artwork. This manga… Is pricey. I’ve had my eye on it since January and added it to my Goodreads list in March and finally committed purchase in April because Amazon had it on sale. The retail for this manga is $38.99 and it was on sale for $25 and I couldn’t pass it up. Once it arrived I understand why it was so expensive. The quality is amazing and it’s the art is absolutely STUNNING and the paper quality is amazing as well. I marked this potential read since I know I will start it just to get a break from books from time to time but since it is an Omnibus, I may not finish it until next month. 


I have a readathon this weekend, so I am hoping to get through I Think I Need You (since it’s a shorter one) and make some good progress in Thunderhead! We shall see. 


I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I plan to read this month! All books are linked in the title to their Goodreads page in case you would like to add them to your shelf or simply wanted to read more about it!


Till next time!

Allyah 🌷


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