✿They Both Die At The End

“They Both Die At the End” was written by Adam Silvera. In this world, when you are going to die, you will receive a call known as a “Death Cast” where you are informed that they have 24 hours left to live and the caller doesn’t know when or how you will die, but it will happen in the next 24 hours. It’s a warning call telling you to live your best life in the last hours you have left

Since this is the normal way of life in their world, there is an app called Last Friends, where you can meet up with someone else who’s is also going to die and spend the rest of your time together before your passing moments. Some turn to this, since it may be easier to live the last moments with a stranger than surrounded by grieving family members and friends.
This book follows the End Day of Mateo and Rufus as they meet up for their last day as Last Friends and spend their last moments together.

Intriguing am I right? When I say I was EXCITED to get this in my hands, listen. I received this book less than 24 hours ago and I have completed it front to back…. And I am disappointed 😦

From here on end, this review contains spoilers **

Part One: Death Cast

This book had an amazing and I mean AMAZING start. It starts from the perspective of Mateo who is receiving his death cast call and just through all his initial responses to being told he’s going to die.

“The number one person I’ll miss the most is Future Mateo, who maybe loosened up and lived. It’s hard to picture him clearly, but I imagine Future Mateo trying out new things, like a smoking pot with his friends, getting a driver’s license, and hopping on a plane to Puerto Rico to learn more about his roots. Maybe he’s dating someone, and maybe he likes that company. He probably plays piano for his friends and sings in front of them…”
“But I will never grow up to be Future Mateo”

This was a few short excerpts from the beginning of the book

From this and more I felt moved, I felt bad for Mateo and I felt that it was unfair, why him? We then find out his father is unconscious in a hospital. OH GOD, his dad is going to wake up one day and his son is dead. Just to me, everything felt genuine and real.

Then we meet Rufus. When Rufus gets the call, it’s in the middle of him beating up his ex-girlfriends Aimee’s ex-boyfriend Peck. Completely pounding him to a pulp with his boys. Once he gets it they leave to go back home to find out they live in foster care. When on their way, he calls Aimee and they decide to have a funeral at their home which they call the Plutos. We learn that Rufus also has foster parents to also rush to be by his side. Once his parents arrive they all hug and share a moment but this Aimee arrives bringing a bloody bruised Peck to this funeral.

While they all share this very intimate moment, it is ruined by incoming cop cars because bloody Peck called the police. On Rufus, even though he’s going to die today anyway. This caused Rufus to have to leave his funeral and run from the cops.

Once he’s evaded them, now alone, he turns to the Last Friends app, where he meets Mateo and they decide to meet up and spin their last day together.

With the beginning being so strong and getting to know each character before they meet up was set up SOOO good. I was dying to know what fate had in store for Mateo and Rufus (other than dying of course)

“Part Two: Last Friends” & “Part Three The beginning.”

This is where shit hits the fan.

So I have no problem with the way Mateo and Rufus’s relationship grows, it’s all-natural, and fits their characters completely, and in Part 3, I loved their connection they grew to have and the way it ends when it comes to them. Their story was good maybe even great, but nothing spectacular, or God tier, but enjoyable.


Where I have a problem with this book is when the author keeps adding in perspectives of other characters throughout the story, some who do not have any direct relevancy to Mateo and Rufus, and most of them we only got ONE of their chapters (which was already enough).

By doing this Silvera lost me. Every time I was getting drawn into Mateo and Rufus, he would UNKINDLY interrupt it with a short narrative from someone else perspective.

There is a part where Rufus and Aimee argue, then the next chapter it’s from her perspective. That wouldn’t be a problem if there was something moving that came from it. I felt nothing reading her perspective.

Not to mention the perspective of Peck and his “gang” who was out to Kill Rufus on his End day. I DID NOT need this perspective. If they wanted to kill Rufus for beating up Peck, don’t feed it to me every 5 chapters. Make it a surprise we didn’t see coming (no worries that’s not how it ended), keep me on the edge of my seat but no. That’s not what we got.
The end of the lives of Mateo and Rufus was sad, but I didn’t cry like I was hoping to. I was hoping this book would make me cry at 7 am reading by yanking on my heartstrings and pulling me into the grave with them, and it’s because of those inserts like that. This had the potential to be extremely beautiful, but the book was ruined by those excerpts to me.

In the end, I give this book 2.5/5 stars. I think it’s just a book that’s not for me, or maybe it was too hyped which is why I was dissapointed. Ugh this sucks.

This was my first book by Adam Silvera, and it will most likely be my last.

Until next time,


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